Business Case

To analyze how much to order and when to order a particular drug product, most supply chain organization in pharmaceutical companies consolidates data such as demand forecast, inventory, on-order quantity and in-transit quantity. These data usually comes from multiple systems at a different intervals hence don’t recognize disruptions fast enough resulting to huge and costly disturbances at the supplier end of the chain – manufacturer and pharmaceutical company.

Key Issues

  • Demand oscillations: Stock-outs and High Inventory
  • Expedite materials
  • Disrupted production plans
  • Quality problems
  • Overtime expense
  • Shipping costs
  • Unreliable product availability to patients, customer dissatisfaction


Interphil Laboratories, Inc. has a new value –add service, ILI Demand Planning Services (ILI-DPS) which analyzes real-time FG inventories, matched with monthly demand forecast, current in-process, on-order and in-transit quantities all in one quick processing. This will definitely benefit our clients by producing optimum number of batches to order and/or produce. This will also create more flexibility to ILI Production leading to 100% service level commitment.