INTERPHIL produces a wide range of products in varied dosage forms in accordance to global healthcare standards in pharmaceutical manufacturing:

Solid Dosage  –  the tabletting and encapsulating capability is supported by state-of-the-art equipment which has the capability to manufacture and package a whole range of

 • Plain Tablets• Granules
 • Sugar or Film-Coated Tablets• Lozenges
 • Powder and Pellet-filled Capsules

Oral Liquid  – the manufacturing and packaging facility produces a variety of liquid products.  Each processing vessel is installed in separate cubicles with individual exhaust systems and temperature controls to ensure cGMP compliance.  All filling operations are done in cubicles separate from each other to prevent cross-contamination

 • Syrups• Elixirs
 • Solutions• Emulsions
 • Suspensions

Topicals – the versatile manufacturing and packaging facility is capable of handling a wide range of product sizes and presentations of

 • Suppositories• Lotions
 • Creams• Gels
 • Pastes• Shampoos
 • Ointments• Pessaries

Beta Lactams –  this antibiotic production facility is located in Plant 2, a separate plant in compliance with cGMP requirements.  Plant 2 is complete with its own air system and support facilities to produce Penicillin and Cephalosporin.  Dosage forms in capsules, tablets or powders for oral suspension are packaged in blisters, foils or bottles.