Contract Manufacturing

Interphil Laboratories, Inc. has been providing contract manufacturing services for research-based multinational companies since 1975. For over 25 years, the Company painstakingly and prudently invested in workforce development and modern facilities in order to properly position itself as a source of high quality products at competitive prices.

Interphil Laboratories, Inc. has passed all technical audits conducted by our clients, and we have excelled particularly in the areas regarding compliance to cGMP, equipment and processes capability and the technical competence of personnel. These audits are based on global standards set by clients’ head offices. A manufacturing contract is entered into once Interphil Laboratories has passed a client’s audit.

Technical assistance comes from the head office of a client, especially during the start-up operations of new products or when technical problems arise. The number of validation batches to be made depends on clients’ specifications. We assist on the documentation and product stability studies based on a client’s stability protocols and the local regulatory requirements. Situations that usually warrant stability studies include New Products, Normal Shelf-life Monitoring, and Special Conditions Monitoring.

The cost of manufacturing and assay tests for in-process and finished products are agreed upon prior to the commencement of the validation of commercial batches. Finance, through its Product Costing System, calculates a toll fee based on the activities involved in workflow, operating times and headcount requirements. Toll fee is charged on a per unit basis and adjusted on an annual basis to take into account changes in the underlying cost structure.