News & Announcement Overview

March 26, 2014

Employee’s CSR

After giving up their Christmas party and equivalent days of their sick leave cash conversion, the management and staff of Interphil Laboratories, Inc. (ILI) together with Habitat for Humanities Philippines will soon be building decent, safe and affordable houses for affected families of Typhoon Yolanda in Southern Philippines.

The employees were encouraged by Habitat’s work and were honored to join in and give back to the community. Interphil’s inspired participation is a show of support and for the victims’ unwavering resolve to move on despite the harrowing experience brought by such a massive destruction. It is ILI’s desire to make them feel that there great people out there, friends and strangers, who are just as hopeful for the future.

July 26, 2013

Interphil – Awarded ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation

It is of pride that the Quality Control Laboratory of Interphil Laboratories has been awarded the accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 in the field of Chemical Testing by the Philippine Accreditation Office (PAO). ISO/IEC 17025 is an ISO standard that specifies the general requirements for the competence of a laboratory to carry-out tests, including sampling. It covers testing performed using standard methods, non-standard methods, and laboratory developed methods.

The award was given on July 23, 2013 at the PAO by Mr. Ernani M. Dionisio, acting director of PAO and Miss Perla F. Baje, PAO Laboratory Accreditation Manager which was received by Mr. Allan R. Punongbayan, Technical Service Dept. Mgr. who led the accreditation process and Mr. Francis C. Paz, QC Ext Services Mgr.  The certified internal quality management and documentation system by the QC Laboratory strengthened ILI’s resolve to be a competent and reliable third-party chemical testing facility.

December 7, 2012

Interphil – Supports Victims of Calamities

In 2012, the Philippines was ravaged by strong typhoons and oftentimes, a huge part of the affected areas would get flooded leaving millions worth of properties and crops damaged and hundreds of thousands of people suffering and hurting. 

Interphil, as part of its corporate mission to provide valued products for people’s health, has stepped-up its efforts to relieve if not protect  those affected from further distress by donating medicines through ABS-CBN Foundation’s Sagip Kapamilya. 

Interphil, conscious that typhoons and floods would result to people suffering from allergy, cough and colds, diarrhea and various infections, donated about 30,000 bottles of  antihistamine, anti-inflammatory and antidiarrheal drugs.  In admiration of Interphil’s support of Sagip Kapamilya’s projects, a Certificate of Appreciation was presented by Ms. Wilma de Lara in behalf of Sagip Kapamilya Head, Ms. Tina Monzon Palma and Ms. Regina Paz Lopez, Managing Director, ABS-CBN Foundation, Inc.

July 23, 2012

Cebu – Interphil Brand Launching with Philippine College of Physicians

After 36 years of expertise in pharmaceutical manufacturing, Interphil Laboratories Inc has finally launched its own brands of high quality and affordable medicines last June 29, 2012 at Radisson Blu Hotel, Cebu City.

More than 200 doctors from the Philippine College of Physicians – Central Visayas chapter attended the unveiling of another milestone in the pharmaceutical industry. The event highlighted the launch of eleven cardio-metabolic and anti-infective brands, now made available to the patients through major chains and some independent drugstores around the country.

After almost four decades of being the trusted source of pharmaceutical products by many of the world’s leading brand owners, Interphil Laboratories Inc is now providing every Filipino a chance to have an access to high quality medicines at affordable prices. A commitment to provide valued products for the health of the Filipino people.