Setting industry standards

A market leader is not only responsible for staying abreast of industry standards, but also for setting those standards. INTERPHIL, as a service provider in product supply, has long been recognized as a leader in this service area. In an industry where there is great pressure to ensure product identity, safety, purity, efficacy and quality, on top of market demand for lower drug prices, INTERPHIL not only keeps up with pharmaceutical industry developments and cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) standards, but makes strides ahead of these various progressions. 

current Good Manufacturing Practices

Decades ago, INTERPHIL led the way in cGMP by investing in a modern facility – one that is at least comparable, if not superior to pharmaceutical plants in the western world. Since the construction of the facility, INTERPHIL has been ceaselessly upgrading all of its resources. There has been the implementation of an array of projects designed to enhance the numerous capabilities and resources of INTERPHIL – in production equipment, information technology, human resources and various other departments. INTERPHIL had  invested a considerable sum on important projects that resulted in improved cGMP compliance and cost efficiency as well as faster cycle times.

current Good Manufacturing Practices ensures that products are consistently produced and controlled at the quality standards appropriate for their intended use.  INTERPHIL was awarded cGMP certifications by local regulatory bodies such as Philippine FDA and by other foreign regulatory authorities.  For Australia and New Zealand markets, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) of Australia, reputed to be one of the most stringent in the world when evaluating cGMP standards, also awarded INTERPHIL this certification.

Furthermore, INTERPHIL is ISO 9001:2008-certified.  This is a strong demonstration of the company’s commitment and capability to consistently manufacture and deliver high quality products that meet customers’ requirements while satisfying applicable regulatory and statutory standards.  With the company’s continued certifications by certified and independent bodies, systems and processes are continuously improved and quality and conformance of every product manufactured is assured. 

New concepts are constantly developed and applied including science-based risk management approach to manage the risk of contamination, product quality and personnel safety.

Enterprise Resource Planning System

INTERPHIL is using SAP as its integrating information technology system.  This is used for order processing, procurement, inventory management, production planning and scheduling, process control, quality assurance, equipment maintenance, human resource, accounting and finance.

Raw Materials Weighing and Dispensing System

An automated system links the dispensing and weighing operations to the master batch records in the server in real time.  The system identifies the material being weighed and monitors the weighing process on a per batch basis, to eliminate human errors in the process.