Third Party Testing Laboratory

INTERPHIL offers other Quality Assurance Extension Services such as: 

Finished Product Analysis: 

Interphil opens its services for third party product testing. The Quality Control Laboratory provides independent, reputable testing services to ascertain product quality by delivering accurate and reliable results. Its capability is built in highly-qualified staff and analytical equipment. Testing capability ranges from physical, chemical, chromatographic, spectrophotometric to microbiological analysis. The Quality Control Laboratory is in-process accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025, a global laboratory management system.

Development of Secondary Reference Standard:

Development of secondary/working reference standards will be beneficial in reducing cost and shorten procurement and delivery time of primary materials. This is carried out by implementing statistical-based procedures using recognized pharmacopeias as a primary reference material.

Analytical Test Method Validation:

Analytical Test Method Validation of compendial or non-compendial test methods is performed from the review to the generation of validation protocol and report in compliance with established pharmaceutical guidelines. It assures confidence on the capability of the test method to generate reliable analytical test results needed in the registration of the products.