Total Quality Policy

To meet the challenges of an increasingly competitive global market, INTERPHIL LABORATORIES, INC. adopts a Total Quality Policy to ensure and maintain its position as one of the largest and most technologically advanced pharmaceutical manufacturers in the Region.  Under an effective management approach, INTERPHIL will draw on the strengths of its people to upgrade its productive capability, thereby, boosting company performance and ensuring full customer satisfaction.

INTERPHIL commits to:

Provide world class products and services at competitive prices by continuously modernizing and improving its facilities, equipment and processes while adhering to its objectives of profitability, market position and long-term growth.

Deliver defect-free products and services on time, every time.  Our goal is customer satisfaction.

Continuously review, modify and validate processes and equipment to eliminate errors, reworks and wastage.  We shall do our work right the first time with consistent quality.

Correct immediately, at any point in the production process, any problem concerning quality.  To us, quality is job number one.

Adopt current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) as a basic requirement in our operation.  Our goal is to have only the safest and most efficacious products.

Maintain utmost cleanliness, orderliness and safety in the workplace as these are the prerequisites for high quality work, and

Require training, discipline, and attention to details for these are the marks of excellence.

Be a partner to our suppliers and help them better meet our needs, thereby, allowing us to satisfy the requirements for our customers.  This is our share in strengthening INTERPHIL’S quality chain.

Continuously develop our people and build a strong team to maintain and further improve or strengthen our product quality and technical competence.  We believe quality begins and ends with people.